Expoforward LLC - organization of exhibition logistics

  • Delivery
    • International airfreight
    • International full truck and groupage road deliveries
    • Container shipping
    • Express-courier services for exhibition goods
    • Multimodal deliveries
    • Domestic airfreight within Russia
    • Domestic full truck and groupage road deliveries
    • Domestic railway shipping
  • Customs clearance

    Customs clearance is an important and essential part of goods' delivery to the event.
    Basically goods are temporarily imported for being demonstrated at the exhibition, conference and another event.
    Together with that some Customers wish to leave their goods in Russia for further selling or giving away.
    Our company organizes temporary as well as permanent customs clearance.
    Temporary customs clearance is possible on the basis of an invoice or carnet ATA.

  • On-site handling, handling of empties
    • on - site handling:
      • unloading from the vehicle
      • delivery to the booth or maximally close to it
      • pick-up from the booth
      • loading to the vehicle after the show
    • handling of empties:
      • pick-up of the empties from the booth and delivery to the warehouse for storage during the show time
      • provision of the empties to the booth after the show
    • assembling works (worker's or slinger's services, forklift, crane)
  • Special solutions
    • diplomatic cargo
    • goods with temperature control
    • oversized goods
    • objects of art
    • and much more